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Click Here for "Mister Monkey's Fix-It Shop"
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Mister Monkey's
Fix-It Shop
When Mister Monkey fixes something,
it really stays fixed! Hilarious!
From "Zoo Break! The Big Break!"
Click Here for "Mister Monkey's Fix-It Shop"
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Once Mister Monkey
Fixes It
The uprorious sequel to "Mister Monkey's Fix-it
Shop." From "Zoo Break! Travelin' Light."
Click Here for "The Pirate Alphabet"
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The Pirate
Ye'd better learn them pirate words, or ye'll be
swabbin' the deck fer the rest o' yer life! It's
funny! It's "piratey!" It'll make ye smile! Arrrrgh!
Click Here for "Herbert the Hippo"
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the Hippo
Herbert the Hippo lives a glamorous life of
stardom and fame. Food, fun, food, cute girl
hippos — and Food!
Click Here for "Zoo Break"
Zoo Break Zebras and cheetas and big-horn sheep, geckos and
hippos and parakeets. All the Zoo animals off on
vacation. And now you can come along!
Click Here for "Everyone Loves A Balloon"
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Travelin' Light The title song from the CD, "Zoo Break! Travelin'
Light." Pack your bags, your pets, and the
kitchen sink—we leave nothing behind! Ha Ha!
Click Here for "Everyone Loves A Balloon"
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Everyone Loves
a Balloon
Rufus the Balloon Man really loves his job
selling balloons at the zoo.
And it's true—everyone loves a balloon!
Click Here for "It's So Easy"
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It's So Easy Mister Monkey tries to teach the other animals
how to fly with a helium balloon. (Not a chance!)
Click Here for "There's No Such Thing as Zoo Break!"
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There's No Such
Thing As Zoo Break!
Stanley the Zookeeper thinks he's going crazy.
All the animals seem to be playing tricks on him!
It's the sequel to "Nothing Weird is Going On
from the CD, Zoo Break! - The Big Break.
Click Here for "The Jungle Is Jumpin' On Saturday Night"
The Jungle is Jumpin'
on Saturday Night
Nothing on our planet is more precious than the
rainforests, and all the wonderful animals that live
there. And what do they do on Saturday night?
Click Here for "Hi! Ho! Hip Hooray!"
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Hi! Ho! Hip Hooray! Mister Monkey flies over the fence—out of the
zoo—to unlock the gate, and let the amimals
through! To go on Zoo Break, of course.
Click Here for "My Teddy Bear"
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My Teddy Bear This song is as warm and wonderful as can be.
Just like having your own Teddy Bear.
Beautiful sound, beautiful lyrics.
Click Here for "Doctor Ironbeard"
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Doctor Ironbeard Doctor Ironbeard can cure any desease, but I
don't think I'd let him try it on me!
A very funny song!
Click Here for "Mister Monkey and Me"
Mister Monkey
and Me
Mister Monkey, Herbert the Hippo, TC Giraffe,
and children everywhere are, naturally, the best
of friends. The story of how our heros first met.
Click Here for "Snap Dragon"
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Snap Dragon Not everyone has a pet dragon. Maybe you're one
of the lucky ones. But don't expect your school
teacher to believe you!
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