TC Giraffe says:
These videos are so fun and funny!
—And the music is great!
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Mister Monkey's
Fix-It Shop
Music Video
It's whacky! It's zany!
it's time for a BIGGER HAMMER!
The laughs keep on coming!

Bongo of the Congo
Music Video
Bongo, the greatest storyteller,
tell the legend of
the Nyiragongo Volcano!
Pirate Alphabet
Music Video
A song about pirates,
about Sam the Parrot…
and spelling errors!
Sold My Soul
to Rock n' Roll
Music Video
Definitely NOT to be taken seriously!
The classic Faust opera
— but with a Rock 'n' Roll spin!
End to the
Timely Quest
Time Travelers Horatio Quake and
Captain Wiley McDuff search for the
long-misplaced "Golden Plectrum."
Get ready for high adventure—
and great music!

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