“Playfully Educating”
Quality Songs and Stories for Children ages 4 through 8:
Is your child ready to advance beyond “Old McDonald?”
Want to enjoy your childrens’ music as much as they do?
Is your child growing out of picture books, but not quite ready
for chapter books with few illustrations?
Are you troubled by childrens’ entertainment where revenge
against villains is the primary plot?
Would you like to protect your child from the mean-spirited lyrics
often found in hip-hop and rap?
Our Approach:
We talk intelligently to children, so they learn to think intelligently.
Our songs and stories contain appropriate ironic humor, which is
so necessary to keep them entertained.
We don't shy away from words children may not have encountered,
so they learn to ask their meaning.
Our music, while bouncy and fun enough for a four-year-old, is rich
in content, so it's still interesting—regardless of age.
Whether teaching the colors of the rainbow, naming the animals of the
world or just having fun, our songs and stories use vivid imagery—
not too stuffy, not too fluffy, but charming and funny.
Our Values:
If it isn't fun, it won't be educational.
Our songs and stories have no villians—so children learn
supportive behavior in an atmosphere free of anger and revenge.
If you raise the bar in language and music,
children will grow to reach it!
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