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What got you started writing songs and stories for children?
I've been writing silly songs and stories since I was nine.
I owe my sense of humor to my mom, who always taught me
silly poems, and my passion for reading aloud to my dad,
who used to read to us by the fireplace on Sunday evenings.
What's your musical background?
I took piano lessons as a child, but fell in love with guitar the very first time
I played one. I also had music theory and vocal training in college. However,
I learned most of what I know about songwriting from studying other people's
songs and, most important, by never giving up.
What gave you the idea for "Zoo Break"?
It started off small, with the song "Foolin' You At the Zoo." Then I began
working on the characters, and got hooked on the idea.
What are you working on now?
I've recently released"Zoo Break! - Travelin' Light," the prequel to
"Zoo Break - The Big Break." You can get the CD here at my
"CDs and more" page,
or individual songs from CD Baby.
However, you really need to hear the whole CD to understand the story and the characters.
I just love these stories about Mister Monkey, Herbert the Hippo, and T.C. Giraffe.
There are more Zoo Break characters too, Boomer the kangaroo, Stanley the zookeeper,
Ellie Mae, and Rufus the balloon man.
Most, but not all, have four legs.
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