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Grasshopper and The Flea
by Scott Hooper
From "Zoo Break! Travelin' Light"

When the elephants took vacation, there was nothing in the cage to see.
"We can handle this situation." said Grasshopper to the flea.
So they hopped into the elephant cage, and stood up straight and tall,
Expecting everyone to think that they were elephants after all!

When Stanley the Zookeeper walked by, his eyes bugged out like this!
"How could I lose my elephants? They’re much too big to miss!"
There’s nothing in that elephant cage but a grasshopper and a flea --
And I don’t know how it seems to you,
but they don’t look much like elephants to me!

Ellie Mae said to Rene, "Isn’t that cute as can be!
Pretending to be elephants -- Grasshopper and the flea!"
So the flea said, "It’s not working! Though I can’t imagine why --
That they don’t see us as elephants as they go passing by!"

You say that you’re an elephant, well, that’s okay with me.
You’ve floppy ears, a long, long nose, and tusks of ivory.
I’m bound to say, "You’re big and gray, and almost ten feet tall!"
I must admit, you don’t look like a grasshopper at all!

Meanwhile, back in the elephant cage, here’s Grasshopper and the flea --
With tiny hairs stuck to their faces, where elephant trunks would be!
When the children cried out, "Elephants!" Grasshopper and the flea just beamed!
With the elephants right behind them! But they never turned around to see!

With many congratulations, they both strutted all around!
Grasshopper clicked his heels and danced, and the flea jumped up and down!
Now when they stroll around the zoo, all the animals cheer and laugh!
And Grasshopper winks at the flea and says,
"That worked so well, next week we’ll be giraffes!"

© 2008 Scott Hooper

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