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1. Snap Dragon - This song is really funny. I like
the part where the older brother says, "It was
prob'ly a giraffe!" Ha ha!

2. Just Like an Elephant - Hooray for elephants!
Apart from monkeys, they're just the coolest
animals ever. These days, elephants are
endangered, and need our protection from
selfish and ignorant people who would kill them
for their ivory tusks.

3. One Word Apiece - This song is the story
of how the animals lost their ability to speak.
You know, it might be true!

4. My Teddy Bear - I really love this song.
I wish I had a Teddy bear. Think of all the
wonderful adventures we could share!

5. Hangin' by a Thread - This song tells why
the world goes 'round, and why the clouds roll
by, and why every day is new.

6. Barney the Bandicoot is a song with a
message—plus a great bass part! The message is,
"You can do anything if you believe in yourself."
A Bandicoot, by the way, is a marsupial. Kind of
like an oppossum. Very common in Australia.

7. The Jungle is Jumpin' on Saturday Night -
This is a song about all the amazing animals
who live in the rainforests and jungles of the
world. To preserve this great diversity of animal
life, we'd like to see a limit on human expansion,
so that all the animals can thrive.

8. Hippo Hollow - Wow, I just think hippos are
so great. Plus, they actually are graceful
underwater! Oh yeah—that's Herbert the Hippo
wallowing in the mud, as usual. Hee-Hee!

9. Across the Serengeti - The migration of the
wildebeests across Africa has been going on
for more than two million years! Its one of life's
great pageants on this amazing planet.

10. Rainbow - This song started out as a way to
help me remember the colors of the rainbow,
but it ended up as a song about all of nature,
especially the music of the raindrops.

11. The Garbage Song - This song is pretty much
based on a real-life story which is, every bit of
it, partially true.

12. Doctor Ironbeard - This is my funny version
of a funny old German song, which we learned
from a funny old guy from Germany.

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