The Stars of
He's agile! He's buff! He's the star of the show!
Mr. Monkey, longtime zoo resident and Zoo Break
organizer says, "The trick to flying like a balloon is
to think like a balloon!"
Taller than most, T.C. Giraffe really appreciates the extra
headroom in his convertible. "When I want to be totally
cool" says T.C., "sunglasses do the trick."
T.C. likes open plains with tall trees, especially acacia.
"My lips are tough enough to ignore the thorns" he says.
Although he always makes sure the animals are fed on
time, Stanley the zookeeper seems a bit distracted lately.
Keeps mumbling about his lost key, and muttering,
"There's no such thing as Zoo Break! "
Herbert the Hippo likes eating grass, wallowing
in mud, and floating in the river. On Zoo Break,
however, he prefers a nice cushy Cadillac.
"The view is always great from the passenger
seat! " he explains.
Scott Hooper likes children and cats, and
occasionally plays guitar for both.

"Children's music can be fun and intelligent too."
he says. "Excuse me! Did you see the giraffe
driving that Cadillac?"

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