Step into the wonderful world of
Did you see the giraffe
Drivin' that cadillac?
Crusin' around with the
top rolled down,
Hippo in front,
Monkey in back?
Zoo Break! - The Big Break (music CD)
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The twelve great songs on this CD tell how Mister Monkey
leads all the zoo animals on an escape from the zoo to go
on vacation. The fun and bouncy music will keep you endlessly
entertained, and the stories will set your imagination wild.
Kids love it! Ten year old Caroline says, "It's the bomb! "
Five year old Clinton says, "It's my favorite! "
Nine year old Sylvia says, "My Mom and I memorized
all the lyrics when I was seven. It's an awesome album!"

They're "Songs to Start Smiles! "

And check it out!
Many of the songs from Zoo Break! - The Big Break
and Zoo Break! - Travelin' Light! are now available as
MP3's from our Downloads page!
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Zoo Break! - Travelin' Light (music CD)
Only $9.95
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Is your smile getting droopy? Well, this CD will instantly
raise the corners of your mouth and keep you singing!
In these twelve songs you'll learn all about the Zoo Break!
characters—Mister Monkey, T.C. Giraffe, Herbert the Hippo,
Stanley the zookeeper, and Rufus the balloon man—not to
mention Grasshopper and The Flea.
Great fun for children and adults!
Five year old Zack says, "The Pirate Alphabet is my favorite."
Sixty-Four year old Dave says, "We love your songs! "
And Scott Hooper says, "I can't get enough of it—
Herbert the Hippo and I sing along in the car wherever we go!"
Truly "Songs to Start Smiles! "
Zoo Break! - In the Beginning (chapter book)
Help your child move up from picture books to chapter books
with this "transition book" — longer and more advanced than a
picture book, but with lots of humor and full-color illustrations
to keep your child's interest.
A great book to read to a four-year-old —
and third-graders enjoy reading it all by themselves.
Like all our stories, there are no villians, just lots of fun!
No wonder we call it “Playfully Educating!”
You'll meet Herbert the Hippo, T.C. Giraffe and
Mister Monkey, and come along with them as
they make a daring escape from the zoo—
their very first Zoo Break!
It's a story about friendship, imagination, and discovery—
and about a special world that only children can see.
Available soon in epub and PDF formats
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