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Hangin' by a Thread
From "Animal Tails and Stories"

There's a little cocoon, hangin' by a thread,
Where fuzzy caterpillars go to bed,
To wake as pretty butterflies with wings to spread --
That's why the world goes 'round.

There's a fallen leaf, restin' in the snow.
Away those Autumn-colored leaves all blow,
To make room for Springtime, when the green leaves grow --
That's why the world goes 'round!

When the Sun goes down, and the stars come out,
The sky goes twilight blue --
And I reach up for a falling star --
My special wish will come true!

There's a billowy cloud, floating 'way up high.
It dropped in just to bring the raindrops by,
Then sails away into the sunny sky --
That's why the world goes 'round.

I can feel my heart, beating all day through --
Reminding me why every day is new:
Another chance to tell you how much I love you:
That's why the world goes 'round!

copyright 1992 Scott Hooper

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