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Herbert the Hippo says:
A big thank you to all our friends who made Zoo Break,
Animal Tails, and this site possible:

• to Ray McIntosh for all his help with artwork and just
  about everything else. What a talented guy!
• to Dave Norman for his contributions to the website
  artwork. Very cool dude.
• to all our friends who've been so supportive and understanding:
  Steve Z., Russ, Susan, Bill, Deanna, George, Barbara, Steve H.,
  Clinton, Caroline, Pooka, Tiki, and Martha, to name a few.

Oh, and the boring legal stuff:
Everything on this site, including all the songs, lyrics, and audio snippets,
  as well as all artwork is copyright 1999 - 2019 Scott Hooper.

"Zoo Break!" is a registered Trademark by Scott Hooper,
  (That's the little circle thingie with the R inside.)
  Trademark Number 5452857.
  Legally speaking, this includes all the variations with and without spaces
  and/or exclamation points or capital letters: zoobreak, zoo break, etc.

  In addition, the following are also trademarked by Scott Hooper:
•“Playfully Educating”™
• Songs to Start Smiles™
• The stylized Scott Hooper "SongsToStartSmiles" logo
    with the joined sixteenth notes

Didn't think I'd remember all that, did you?